Buy A Car

You can buy a used car anywhere.
But our cars are repaired and maintained by underserved
youth who are focusing on bettering their lives.
Which makes our cars pretty priceless.

There are a two things most of us consider when purchasing a used car: Am I getting a fair price? And, am I getting a reliable, mechanically-sound automobile? We’re proud to answer both with a resounding, “Yes!”

First, we’re able to price our cars affordably because the majority are donated. The proceeds from our auto sales support the on-going training programs offered at both Equip Skills Center locations. But the value of each sale, truly is priceless.

Second, our cars are worked on by local youth who are learning a trade they can count on for life. Our instructors are expert mechanics who donate their time to ensure our kids learn the safe and proper ways to affordably fix and maintain vehicles

And then there’s a third thing many of us don’t consider when buying a used vehicle: How it will feel to drive a car that made a difference in an underserved youth’s life. You’ll be surprised at how often you think about it while driving your car. You didn’t just save money and gain a reliable car, you helped a great cause that inspires, teaches and encourages underserved youth to do something bigger than they ever thought they could do.

Buying a car from Equip Auto Sales is a win, win + win!

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