Buy A Car

A new-driver car. A first-job car.
A won’t-break-the-bank car.

Our cars have been around the block. Most have seen a thing or two. Some may even call them experienced.

But sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Our prices may be low, but our standards are high. Every car we sell has been meticulously serviced by our team of expert mechanics and is in great working condition. When you buy a car from us, you can expect that we’ll tell you the truth about where it’s been and where it can go. And you can expect that you’ll get the best possible price. We can keep our prices low because many of our vehicles are donated. And any proceeds go back to our training programs that help young people improve their lives.

Our reliable, affordable used cars are a great option when you want or need to spend less and still have wheels you can count on. If you need a car, not a commitment, we have just the thing.

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