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When you donate a car to Equip Auto Sales, you’re not just giving your car a second life, you’re giving our kids a second chance.

Let’s face it, we grow attached to our cars. Which makes disposing of them a bit more difficult than we imagined it ever might be. Donating your car to Equip Auto Sales makes it easy. Your donation is an opportunity for a buyer to purchase a reliable, mechanically-sound vehicle at an affordable price, and an opportunity to fund mentor-led instruction out of the Equip Skills Center.

Not to mention, the proceeds from the sale of your generously donated vehicle directly benefit Central Ohio Youth for Christ’s automotive training program for underserved youth. So you’re not just donating a car, you’re giving a learning opportunity to a student and an affordable car to someone who needs a new source of transportation.

We never consider your donation used. We consider it useful.
Is my car worth donating?

Sometimes cars seem beyond repair or lacking any reasonable value. Owners often wonder if we would want cars like this. We do. Even significantly damaged, inoperable, or aged cars have scrap value that make them worth something to us.

What will my deduction be worth?

Cars worth $500 and under: May be deducted for the amount of your declared value up to $500.

Cars worth $501 and over: We resell “as is” = actual resale amount. We will send you a receipt letter when the car sells which will let you know the amount of the sale for deduction.

Cars we repair before resale: If significant improvements are made, once a determination has been made to do so, you will recieve a tax receipt letter informing you of the selling price and explaining how you can claim an income tax deduction for your charitable donation.

What if I can't find my title?

You can get a duplicate title for your car at the title office. Alternatively, you may contact us and we’d be happy to arrange for a duplicate title.

How do I get my car to you?

For your convenience, we can come to you and pick it up. We will provide free towing for your car if necessary.

Call us at
614-237-7300 to set up a pick up time or fill out the donation form below and we’ll call you.

In some cases, donors prefer to drop a car off rather than have someone come to their home. We can arrange to receive your donation at Equip Auto Sales: 620 Oakland Park Avenue, Columbus OH, 43214

How is Equip Auto Sales' car donation program different from other car donation programs?

Equip Auto Sales is affiliated with the Equip Skills Center, an outgrowth of Central Ohio Youth for Christ. This Skills Center allows for mentoring and training by trained volunteer-vetted mechanics. Cars from Equip Auto Sales fund this program — generating income to support the training programs at both Equip Skills Center locations (Franklinton and North Columbus).

Will every donated car be repaired?

No, some cars are not worth fixing and/or are deemed unsafe to resell. In those instances the vehicles are stripped for parts and then recycled for scrap. This is still a valuable contribution to the program.

Call us at 614-237-7300 to set up a pick up time, or fill out the donation form below and we’ll call you.

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